Watch Dogs Chicago City  screenshot

Watch Dogs Chicago City


Welcome to Chicago City

Ubisoft continues to unveil information about the anticipated Watch Dogs, and this time, they have revealed a little more about the game’s city and its society. Freedom is one of the main points of difference for this title, and so it is reflected in the recreation of Chicago. It can be considered as a big playground in which all the elements you see are easily manipulable via your mobile phone.

Every element in the screen is connected to the real-to-life society; the traffic lights, steampipes and electronic billboards are all yours to control. Everything and everyone in the city is connected. You can investigate about people’s lives and discover the darkest sides of their personalities, likes and problems, in order to use them for your own purposes. Your choices have consequences and you can even be a public menace and the target of bounty hunters, with your face published in the mass media all around Chicago, depending on your actions.

The graphics engine has been specifically built for this game, showing a great recreation of the real Chicago with rich, dynamic light effects, real-time weather and day and night cycles. The recreation of the city is quite realistic, even for the darkest corners in the city. The best of all this is that you can control the city as you wish, thanks to the vast digital network.

The recreation of the city is quite realistic, even for the darkest corners in the city

Society in the game is one of the main details created by Ubisoft. That way, the developer team, proposes a smart and complex AI. Each person you see in the streets may turn into a criminal or a victim depending on the situation, or they can be other online player that makes it into your game for assisting you or for sabotaging while you are playing. With that power in your hands, what would you do?