2014 FIFA World Cup  screenshot

2014 FIFA World Cup

Electronic Arts presents 2014 FIFA World Cup the new FIFA game inspired by this summer’s biggest soccer event. Exclusively for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game will reunite all the 203 licensed teams that took part in the qualification process, with special care for the 32 that will compete in Brazil for the World Cup trophy this year.

Designed to be played as a completely new soccer game, 2014 FIFA World Cup includes 10 game modes where users can play the whole competition, just the final round, or online with friends, as well as new modes such as Historical Game where users have to recreate real matches and results,Skill games and the return of Captain Your Country, the most famous type FIFA gameplay of all time, where you will have to develop your national team to become the superstar that leads your country to the World Cup Final.

Electronic Arts has noticed that all of its enhanced game modes for FIFA have become quite scary for new users. That's why EA has returned to its origins with 2014 FIFA World Cup. A beginner mode and an integrated training session will introduce novel users to the franchise whilst they enjoy a real World Cup ambience. Multiple animations have been included in the title to recreate the necessary atmosphere during the competition. Apart from the official and licensed stadiums, the game includes new crowd animations are shown in the stadiums or even in the particular countries watching the game on big screens, set at real landmarks. The coaches and players have an enhanced look, and even FIFA's president Joseph Blatter has been included.

The game includes new crowd animations and people watching the game on big screens

The gameplay includes new movements that will make users sweat when the competition gets to the final. Pushing and jumping to get the ball will become a fight for the best position, and even the new Adidas Brazuca (the official World Cup ball) has been studied to implement its physics and movements. Penalties will improve the competition sensation thanks to all the new goalkeeper animations to tease and distract the kicker.

During the actual competition the game will be augmented by an Internet connection with live results and new game achievements based on real events and will maintain them after the World Cup finishes. Electronic Arts has decided to launch the game on the latest console generations to reach as many people as possible, and to create a big game community online. Now we just have to wait until April 2014 to start the road to World Cup Brazil 2014.