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Gabe Newell Did AMA Steam

While the videogame world is still waiting for the announcement of Half-Life 3, Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve and the main public personality of this company, has made some interesting declarations in an AMA session (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. Among his statements, there are some interesting ideas that shed some light on the future of Steam, the main videogame online platform available for PC.

Although the world is expecting their incursion into the hardware industry with the Open Source Steam Machines, the future of Steam seems to be progressing towards connecting gamers with developers in a self-publishing platform, giving the game studios the possibility to decide the price of their games and the future discounts. The message system also gives the opportunity of (almost) direct communication with the developers, to offer feedback to solve game problems the users discover, enhancing the future close relationship between both sides of the industry. On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been announced for Linux systems, but with no release date set as yet.

We see Steam Machines as a service update to Steam

As for the new SteamOS, Gabe Newell makes things clear. “We see Steam Machines as a service update to Steam”. The main objective has been to port the computer experience to the living room, with bigger screens and the comfort of bigger spaces. Additional devices such as the popular Oculus Rift will be fully compatible, but it will depend mostly on the developers. About the future service of Steam Music, competing against Spotify or Pandora, Newell didn’t offer any major details.

Soon, but not soon enough
Soon, but not soon enough

In his opinion, eSports has a long way to go yet, but the progress is strong and promising. Questions like “Why choose Valve as the company name?” or his collaboration with JJ Abrams, exemplified the spontaneous nature of the event. By the way, for Gabe ‘Valve’ is a way better name than ‘Rhino Scar’, just for your information.

There was no new information offered about their own developed Source 2 engine, no news on Half-Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3 and no additional information about Steam Machines. However, there is no need to doubt the company that brought us masterpieces such as Portal or Counter-Strike. The results will be worth the wait, and don’t stop believing!