Introducing InFamous Second Son  screenshot

Introducing InFamous Second Son

Brian Fleming, founder and producer at Sucker Punch, yesterday presented his most recent work “inFamous Second Son”, the third part of the InFamous franchise and the first developer's title for PlayStation 4. In Fleming's words, the game is about an ordinary guy who obtains superpowers and must decide how to use them. Can power corrupt people? To answer that question we will have to take control of Delsin Rowe and decide to tread the line on either the Good or Evil side of power.

Imagine a guy like Johnny Knoxville with a great power

Second Son introduces a few changes to previous InFamous games. First of all the character: Delsin Rowe is a young, Native American man who suddlenly becomes a super-human. However, instead of seeing those powers as a sin (as with previous characters)... he loves it! InFamous will play with our decisions and will give us multiple choices to decide our karma. The Evil choice will force us to play quick, creating as much disaster as we can manage. Destroy the environment and creating a wasteland will be as fun as we want on this open world map. If you choose to be Good instead, it will give us the possibility of helping people, and planning our actions slowly because we will have to be careful of not destroying or killing anyone.

For the animations, the developers decided to film real actors instead of animate, which brings more accuracy to movements

InFamous Second Son is set seven years after the previous game. According to Sucker Punch, this is not a continuation of InFamous 2, but the story will reflect some of the previous events. Seattle is the city where the story occurs. This wet and rainy city is mostly the seat of King County in Washington, but is basically taken over by the DUP (Department of Unified Protection). This federal agency was created after the events of Empire City and New Marais (InFamous and InFamous 2) and is in charge of handling bio-terrorism created by The Conduits (humans with super-powers). Delsin will have to move between choices of Good and Evil to follow the storyline and escape from the DUP and their seemingly-totalitarian government.

Sucker Punch didn't want to reveal the extent of the new powers that Delsin will control but what we know now is that he is able to absorbe power from other Conduits and even from his environment. The neon signs on the street and the smoke from chimneys can be used by Delsin to recharge and change between abilities. Here is where PlayStation DualShock 4 takes control and offers the possibility of feeling like you’re inside the game. The controller is fully implemented and perfect for InFamous action. Thanks to the new console generation technology, InFamous could be accessed from PSVita for remote play.

The graphics of InFamous Second Son are atonishing. PlayStation 4 demonstrates its power on this game with mutiple reflections and great texture realism. For the animations, the developers decided to film real actors instead of animate, which brings more accuracy to movements. It’s a great experience to enjoy for the same amount of time as the other games from the franchise (The developers didn't want to reveal the exact amount of hours yet).

On March 21st, InFamous Second Son will hit shops with all the surprises that Sucker Punch couldn’t yet reveal in the presentation. We’re hoping for a good game, and have no doubt it will be one to recommend for all inFamous fans and new gamers looking for action, super powers and rain... a lot of rain.